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Welcome to the world of Siparila

New interior design ideas

PALA interior panel

Refresh your decoration with Siparila Pala panel. Pala panels are installed with adhesive.

Siparila Topcoat®

Siparila Topcoat does not require further treatment on the construction site. Warranted durability for years to come!

Exterior Siding

Finland is one of the best forest growing regions in the world. This makes Finland’s wood a top grade building material– tough, dense, and straight-grained.

Interior Siding

Wood is inspirational and alluring. With unique surfaces of wood can be created impressive overall designs and exciting elements for the home


Siparila's selection of mouldings includes dozens of shapes and colours

Sauna panels

Siparila's sauna panels topcoat is designed to protect against the great variances in moisture and temperature

Siparila – Wood for living

Wood has always been at the heart of the Finnish culture. It has been used for building and heating homes, and even for producing clothing and food. Wood has played a significant role in the lives and homes of Finns – and continues to do so. This tradition lives on in Siparila, which produces wood siding solutions whose primary purpose is to bring warmth and beauty into the home with the help of some today’s most esteemed designers. Wood is inspirational and alluring.

The versatily of wood allows for creativity and new exterior and interior design ideas. Whether you want to soften the harsh lines of modern décor or bring some ruggedness into an otherwise restrained home, the unique surfaces of wood can provide the answer. Finnish craftmanship, top design and respect for the nature all come together in Siparila’s products, which can be used for creating impressive overall designs or exciting elements for the home, on the customer’s own terms. We believe the spirit of the home comes from the heart, as every home reflects its occupant’s lives and personalities. We are prepared to make the utmost to make your home look just like you – now and forever.

Welcome to the world of Siparila!


For professionals

Siparila Oy is a customer-oriented manufacturer of wood products with extensive expertise. We are experienced in the use of wood in demanding architectural contexts and in many customers’ dream homes. We make our expertise in wood products available to architects and project clients.

Declaration of Performance

Siparila’s panels are given the CE mark in line with the European standard EN 14915 on Solid Wood Panelling and Cladding. There are no CE marking requirements in the European Union for interior mouldings.

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Installation instructions

Here you can find installation instructions of Siparila's products.

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Here you can find brochures of our products.

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Cross-sections and surface treatments

Here you will find cross-sections of the most common product profiles, as well as pictures of the surfaces of our products. If you are looking for modifications of any of our product shapes, please contact our sales department.

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Here you can find all our products.

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